Sage Tech Resources specializes in providing engineering and technical talent with the most relevant skills and experience to clients across the industry sectors. We have the capability and global reach to source top quality candidates worldwide at advantaged pricing through selective and targeted recruiting, networking, database searching and advertising.

The technical expertise of the team at Sage Tech Resources spans the entire project life cycle, from initial feasibility and design, to construction, commissioning, start-up, operations and maintenance, and de-commissioning. Our ISO-aligned quality management processes for both contract and permanent staff cover the full requisition to billing cycle: search, filter and screen, interview, selection, placement, mobilization, payroll and contract administration.

Oil, Gas and Chemicals

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, Sage Tech Resources has established and maintains a leading presence in strategic oil, gas, and petrochemical locations. Upstream, midstream and downstream, Sage Tech Resources are sector specialists with the capability, networks and expertise to provide quality personnel across key disciplines and functions within the energy and chemicals sector. In addition to senior management positions, we recruit for project management, engineering, design, project services, construction, commissioning and operations, and maintenance roles at all levels. Detailed verticals include oil exploration, field development, chemicals/petrochemicals, gas processing, oil refining and transportation, heavy oil upgrading and oil sands, and hydrocarbon transportation.

Power and Renewable Energy

The Sage Tech Resources supplies skilled engineers, technical, construction management, and professional staff and contractors to the power and renewable energy sectors. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge, we provide staffing services in specific verticals including alternative power, renewables like solar, wind, and hydro, biomass, geothermal, nuclear power and decommissioning, and environmental management and remediation.

Industrial, Manufacturing and Life Sciences

Sage Tech Resources provides quality professional, engineering and technical talent with the most relevant skills and experience to clients, within the industrial, manufacturing and life sciences sectors. In life sciences, we are experienced in sourcing high-quality personnel at all levels across pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, general healthcare, and R&D sectors. In manufacturing, our experience and technical knowledge equip us to supply staff and contractors to FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), food and beverage, and component manufacturers.

IT and Telecomm

There can be little doubt that we live in a digital age. No project in any industry can succeed today without the support of trained IT staff. This is an even more pressing requirement in the field of engineering, as many projects demand the use of highly specialized software and complex systems. Whatever your industry, Sage Tech Resources can provide highly trained technical IT professionals with the niche skills that your business needs. Sage Tech Resources works with businesses in a huge variety of industries around the world to provide them with the very best IT talent. We understand that many businesses, especially in the engineering sector, have niche requirements when it comes to their IT software and infrastructure, and so finding staff with the requisite skills can be a real challenge. From developers to support and admin staff, we have a large database of skilled IT professionals which we can draw upon in order to find the perfect candidates for your vacancies.

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Sage Tech Resources consultants have an unparalleled recruiting expertise and in-depth knowledge of the global infrastructure and maintenance market. to become one of the leading maintenance recruitment services in the world, with a wide geographical range, and large reach. With experienced advisors on the case, you can be sure that your vacancy will be filled in no time.