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Quality Control Manager

Implements Contractor Project Quality Control Plan during field work to verify that in coming materials and work performed by subcontractors complies with the contract statement of work, drawings, specifications and submittal requirements.

Location: The island of Saipan (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Site QC Manager responsibilities include developing inspection plans for work performed by subcontractors, conducting preparatory and initial QC meetings, reviewing and approving submittals, inspecting incoming material, conducting daily field(follow-up) QC inspections, verifying tests are performed and meet the specifications and writing daily QC reports.
  • Documents rework and non-conforming work that does not meet contract.
  • Verifies corrective action implementation. Reports to project manager and project quality assurance manager.
  • Interfaces and communicates with customer quality assurance personnel.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Sciences.
  • Professional Engineering Licenses is required.
  • Previous experience (and holds current certificate) implementing the USACE construction quality management (CQM) process for construction activities.
  • Residential Construction Experience is preferred.
  • US Citizen only.


  • Competitive compensation with immediate start date through the end of year with option to renew into 2021 if additional scope released. All mob / demob, accommodations and local transportation provided with per diem for meals.